Can playing video games help you?

Can playing video games help you?
gamer Video Gaming is a popular pastime and for some a career. Growing up, video gaming was often frowned upon in a society that pushed academics and discounted gaming as an avenue to earning. Today, almost 44% of the population play video games. This is higher the participation rate of any sport! Often, we are told of the negative impacts of this past time. But, what about the positives, is there any plus to gaming. Here are five important benefits:


Gamers are quicker at decision making

decision-makingGamers are accustomed to making split second decision and reacting very quickly to visual stimuli. Seasoned gamers train their minds to adapt to quick changes on the screen. As a result an average gamer was found to react 25% faster than your average non gamer to questions about an image. This trend can also be noticed in general decision making and response time.


Gaming reduces stress

stress-freeA 2010 study at Texas A&M has revealed that both men and women that play videogames are less likely to become hostile in stressful situations. In the same study, gamers were also found to be less likely to suffer depression. If fact I myself have often played PES 15 to de-stress and relax myself. After all, gaming doesn’t make people violent, lag does!


Gaming boosts coordination

gamer1 Gaming has been proven to boost hand eye coordination stupendously. In fast paced racing and first person shooters the gamers muscles have to rapidly react to what the eye sees and after practice the gamer is able to make more precise and accurate movements with his muscles to help compensate for the changes. This will only get better with Virtual Reality games that require full body interaction. And who know, bowling on the Wii probably helped me get this good. 


Great for memory

memory A study carried out UC Irvine showed that gaming has had a positive impact on the gamer’s ability to store and access memories. 3D gamers recorded improvements as high as 12 percent. Although the research could not quite gather why there is an improvement, it might be handy for people like me, who can’t seem to ever remember where I left my keys.


Boosts confidence

confidence Researchers from Brocks University found that adolescents that play video games show enhanced self esteem and are more likely to play sports. Research has show that through games the gamers become more willing to take risks and also to try something new. Gamers were show to be more willing to exist outside of their comfort zone. That reminds me; I should probably game quite a bit before my next date.

Who knew a good old past time like gaming does all of that? In today’s world it is so easy to play games with all the portable computers we carry around. Why not reap the benefits now?