Making Your Grad Legendary

corsageGraduation is a big point in the lives of every high school boy and girl. It’s kind of like a rite of passage. For a guy, it’s the night they transition into manhood.  For a girl, we get to feel like a princess. We all want our grads to be great. So why not go the distance and make it legendary? There are a few important details that makes grad one spectacular night. Let’s dive straight in!


Meeting your date at grad is great, but if you want to make it legendary, You pick her up! You can take her to grad with anything from a regular cab to a sparkling limousine. I booked a limousine with and it created such a brilliant atmosphere for me and my date (Thanks a ton 🙂 ). Also, entry into grad with your date looks really great.

The suit

The suit or your outfit must strike your fair lady’s as classy and sharp. As it is becoming more common to wear more casual and semi formal outfits to grad, heading in a tuxedo will definitely capture the gazes of many. From a few days before the grad, make sure you have matched your outfit perfectly. Ideas for a great grad outfit can be found all over the internet, I would recommend Derks!


For the guys- I would encourage you to wear one accessory, a watch. Not just any watch, a classic wrist watch, as in the mechanical ones. Silver or gold accessories go best with almost any colour of garments.  For the Ladies- Beautiful necklace or pair of earrings, nothing to crazy, we don’t want to take away from your beautiful face and dress. Of course you can take your mobile phones as well 😉


Grad photos can be greatly up-lifting. We all want our special night to be immortalized. Most grads hire a professional photographer for the event. However, with the massive improvements we have made in smartphone photography, photography is not a big deal anymore. Your smartphone or a simple point and shoot camera will suffice.


For those of you with a date a corsage, adds a touch of class and could really bring blushes on the face of your partner for the night. Just imagine the bright sparkle in your girl’s eye while you are tying the corsage on her wrist. It’s an experience that really connects two people and sets a really nice tone for the rest of the night. So go out and buy your date one- Hen & Chicks is where my mom orders all her flowers!

So that’s how you transform an ordinary grad into an extraordinary one. Grads are memorable events. You might want to create one that will last very long in your memories. You don’t have to follow everything on this list, but doing just a few will make a great difference.